3 years ago

Just how ironic is the Experian data breach for T-Mobile customers?

Experian. “A World of Insight”

Experian was recently hacked and lost millions of people’s social security numbers, home addresses, and possibly more.
At first, this would seem like “just another data breach” if it weren read more...

3 years ago

Why is it hard to opt-out and protect your privacy and identity online?

To top it off, these web sites are completely legal and there are dozens of large ones who advertise aggressively on Google. Most of the top ones in the US allow you to opt-out of having your information listed (for free) but doing it yourself is read more...

3 years ago

Senior execs and the value of DeleteMe

Many customers get angry with companies for a slew of reasons and they often blame the people at the top - the senior executives - for their problems. A tiny fraction of these people are hot-headed and in their anger will often “go after” ex read more...